TV Appearance: Al Jazeera on No Deal Trump-Kim Summit

Analyst: US, N Korea must 'quickly, publicly' reaffirm commitment to diplomacy

Mintaro Oba, a former US diplomat, cautions against "overstating the negative significance" of the no-deal summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi.
Praising the US' continued commitment to diplomacy, the Washington DC-based analyst tells Al Jazeera he expects to see "see efforts at working level negotiations that will hopefully produce greater progress down the line". 
Calling for talks between top US and North Korean diplomats, he adds: "It's imperative for the US and North Korea to quickly and publicly reaffirm their commitment to diplomacy and schedule talks … and demonstrate to the world there is continued momentum behind North Korea diplomacy."
The "perception that this summit was a failure" will be damaging for Trump in the US as he has built a brand among his supporters as a dealmaker, adds Oba.


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