Quoted: Japan Times on Trump-Kim Summit

Japan Times: Kim, Trump Arrive in Hanoi Ahead of Second Nuclear Summit

Mintaro Oba, a former U.S. State Department official who worked on North Korean issues, said “a smorgasbord of options” exist, but noted that “it does appear that we’re heading into the summit with some momentum toward a peace declaration.”
Oba also noted the Trump administration’s strong desire for a road map going ahead.
“Whether such a road map could include Nyongbyon, sanctions relief, or liaison offices is an open question right until a joint statement is released — but the fact that some of these things appear to be part of the negotiations is a good sign,” he said.
The United States also must be ready to put on the table “some meaningful things” North Korea wants, “especially sanctions relief and steps toward political normalization,” if it hopes to gain more leverage toward denuclearization.


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