Quoted: The Guardian on Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit News

Breaking News Piece: Kim Jong Un to Meet Trump by May After North Korea Invitation

Mintaro Oba, a former state department official involved in North Korean policy under the Obama administration, urged caution.
“This is a welcome step that will help us de-escalate dangerous tensions on the Korean Peninsula in the near term – and hopefully lead to progress toward denuclearisation. That said, we must manage our expectations given our knowledge of North Korea’s interests and past behaviour. There is a long and complicated road ahead.”
Mintaro Oba, former US diplomat who worked on North Korea policy:
“My advice to Donald Trump is this: nod, smile, and be open to any possibilities that help get us closer to denuclearisation and peace. And don’t agree to anything – or rule anything out – without taking the time to consult trusted advisers, especially career diplomats.
“It would be a shame if President Trump didn’t come to the summit with a bold, creative proposal designed to put the ball in North Korea’s court and test Pyongyang’s willingness to make progress.”
China, which was a major force in previous rounds of negotiations, seems to be left out this time, but Oba said: “China has always been comfortable with the division of the Korean peninsula, but it wants to make sure the situation is stable and that tensions aren’t rising in a way that could endanger China’s security. Beijing will be happy with the latest progress.”


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