NK News on Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joe Yun's Departure

News Report: Ambassador Joseph Yun, Top U.S. Diplomat on North Korean Affairs, Retiring

Appointed by Barack Obama, one expert told NK News that Yun’s style had contrasted with that of the incoming Trump administration.
“It’s not clear he ever managed to gain any significant clout with the White House on North Korea policy,” Mintaro Oba, a former Korea Desk officer at the U.S. State Department, said.
“I think he had a clear preference for diplomatic solutions and that put him at odds with the dominant ideas of the administration’s policy.”
Yun should be replaced with another career diplomat, Oba continued.
“It’s totally possible they want someone more closely aligned with the administration’s North Korea hardliners,” he said. “That would be a very bad sign.”

Commentary Piece: Who Can Replace Joe Yun, Washington's Top North Korea Diplomat?


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