Quoted: The Japan Times on Inter-Korean Talks

Mintaro Oba, a former State Department official who worked on North Korean affairs, dismissed Trump’s claim of credit, noting that Pyongyang had likely seen an opening to gain concessions from the talks.
“That’s like Trump taking credit for gravity because our feet are on the ground,” Oba said. “North Korea didn’t come to the table because of anything Trump did — they are simply following their long-standing playbook of negotiating with the South when there might be opportunity for them.”
Oba applauded Trump’s offer of talks with Kim, which he called a “constructive message,” but lambasted his inconsistency on the North Korean nuclear issue, saying that the president had “undercut” his openness for dialogue with “aggressive, knee-jerk reactions on Twitter.”
“His offer of talks is hard to take seriously unless he becomes more strategic and consistent about that message,” Oba added.



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